Tenuate Review

Tenuate Review

Tenuate should only be taken after undergoing clinical tests to check whether the drug tenuate is suitable for your body or not. Tenuate is not recommended if you have hypertension, heart ailment. Tenuate is also not advised for Pregnant and nursing women as it may cause potential damage to the unborn child.

Tenuate For Effective Weight Loss

Tenuate is the brand name for Diethylpropion. It is a slimming pill that functions via sustained release. Tenuate gets ingested and then gradually breaks down to give a more lasting effect. Buy tenuate - a sympathomimetic amine, which is basically similar to an amphetamine group of weight loss drugs, which mainly works by suppressing a person's appetite and making him or her feel that he or she is no longer hungry.

Tenuate - A Brain Stimulant

Tenuate is considered for treating obesity only if other methods like diet and exercising is not helping. Tenuate though is also considered an aesthetic product, but should not be taken for any such purpose.

Tenuate is recommended only for those who are suffering exogenous obesity and it proves to be most effective when combined together with proper diet and exercise. Also, Tenuate is short term supplement so it should not be continued over a long period of time.

Tenuate being a brain stimulant can cause giddiness among its users. Taking this drug at night can result in disturbance sleeping as it causes minor insomnia.

In case tenuate is not proving to be effective in losing weight then one should not double or increase the dose as it will do more harm than helping the patient. It is advised that under such circumstances one must consult the doctor.

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