Xanthadrene Review

Xanthadrene Review

XanthadreneIf you want to lose weight using a clinically proven and unique weight loss supplement, then Xanthadrene emerges as a very effective option. Xanthadrene, with fucoxanthin as its key ingredient, initiates a process of thermogenic fat loss in the body. Xanthadrene increases the body temperature as well as burns fat. The intake of Xanthadrene has been clinically proven to reduce 10% of the weight in as little as around 4 months. fucoxanthin concentrates its action around the abdomen. One of the ingredients of Xanthadrene is Hoodia, which is a well known appetite suppressant. Also, the green tea extract stimulates the burn rate of the consumed calories, which in turn leads to expending more energy. Xanthadrene also helps in improving concentration levels.

Xanthadrene - A clinically proven fat burner

Xanthadrene differs from other available fat burners as it's a clinically proven non stimulant. Its active ingredient, known as fucoxanthin, brings to the user a revolutionary new process which helps reduce almost 10% of the body weight in just 16 weeks. It shouldn't be forgotten that Xanthadrene is a weight loss supplement. Xanthadrene must be used in conjunction with a disciplined exercise regimen and a rich, nutritious diet.

The working of fucoxanthin

The effect of Xanthadrene in large part is a result of the action of fucoxanthin. This active ingredient works by breaking apart the various protein families, resulting in a natural metabolism of fat in the body. Fucoxanthin in Xanthadrene targets the processes whereby the body expends energy using its fat reserves. Fucoxanthin changes this process by making the body use much more of its fat reserves, while producing energy. The focus of fucoxanthin is a protein called UCP1. This increases the rate at which the body burns abdominal fat; it is also known as white adipose tissue. An approximate 20% of the body weight in males and 25% in females is a result of the white adipose tissue.

Xanthadrene - Clinical tests and dosage

Clinically tested at Hokkaido University in Japan, Xanthadrene, with the help of its active ingredient fucoxanthin, has shown high efficacy with respect to weight loss, proving it to be an effective obesity treatment option. Various studies conducted in people and the results with regard to the effect of fucoxanthin, were positive. The clinically accepted dosage of Xanthadrene is no more than 3 capsules a day. Divide its intake over the three major meals of the day.

Xanthadrene - Ingredient and side effects

A fucoxanthin extract derived from brown sea weed is the primary ingredient in Xanthadrene. Other important ingredients include ellagic acid, a derivative of pomegranate extract, certified Hoodia gordonii powder and caffeine laced green tea extract. Other ingredients include silicon dioxide, stearic acid, cellulose, gelatine and magnesium stearate.

Fucoxanthin and the other ingredients that make up Xanthadrene are considered very safe for use. But, if you do suffer from side effects like anxiety, insomnia or nausea, its use must be discontinued with immediate effect. Those suffering from conditions like cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, psychological problems, or hyperthyroidism must also not take Xanthadrene.

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